Working with some of the world’s largest anchors

FRSU successfully installed using an innovative approach to pretensioning.

Maersk Supply Service was responsible for installing a mooring system for a large Floating Storage Regasification Unit (FSRU). Consisting of six mooring legs, the project involved installing some of the largest anchors ever used.

The size of the anchors and the chains presented unique challenges for the project, located 12 miles offshore Livorno, Italy. Added to this was the need for pretensioning the chain. The relatively shallow water depth of 70 metres meant that an extremely high tension was needed.
Overcoming this challenge required the use of a ‘stevtensioner’, which made it possible to fulfil the strict requirements for the accuracy and the high pretensioning.

The international construction company SAIPEM chose Maersk Supply Service as installation partner for its high-quality, modern A-type vessel and crew capabilities and competitive approach to the project.
Through the challenges of the project, the project ran smoothly and a good safety record was maintained, with no accidents recorded.

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