Quality Management

Quality is part of everything we do in Maersk Supply Service and is a constant throughout the organisation. From the leadership down, we all carry the responsibility to strive for the highest quality from start to finish. By maintaining a high level of quality, we aim to always deliver the best and we endeavour to be better each time.

We use 8 principles to guide us and to ensure consistent and reliable outcomes in all that we do. These principles strengthen the collaboration both internally and externally, making sure that we meet our own expectations as well as what our customers rightfully expect of us. By listening to advice and applying learnings from our daily operations, we aim for achieving continual improvement.

Eight Guiding Principles


Trust is a core pillar in all that we do. We depend on one another to act honestly. By maintaining our quality standards, we build trust with our partners and customers.


Our quality management processes aim to meet customer requirements and to deliver above what is expected.

Commitment from
the Leadership

The leaders at all levels help establish the unity of our purpose and direction. The leadership is responsible for creating an environment where we can achieve the organisation’s quality objectives.

Employee commitment
& engagement

All employees are committed and engaged in supporting and consistently contributing to the company’s quality objectives.

Strategic & Systematic
approach to management

With clearly defined strategy and goals for the company, each department and employee contributes to the overall objectives by applying their skillset and knowledge.


We function as a unified system, where all activities are managed as interconnected processes to create dependable and predictable results.

decision making

Organisational decisions are made based on the insights gained from analysing and evaluating data.


An ongoing focus on improvement is a fundamental principle for the success of our organisation.


Maersk Supply Service works towards continual improvement to maintain a high level of quality and ensure compliance throughout our organisation. We are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified, and hold Document of Compliance (DoC) for Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Isle of Man, and Norway and are FPAL Achilles certified.

Responsible Business

It is our top priority to ensure that we operate with sound and safe practices and that this standard is upheld throughout Maersk Supply Service.

By implementing our policies, Maersk Supply Service commits to the continuous improvement of our performance in all areas, supported by the ongoing development of the management system. We operate with care in the local regions, by developing local talent through cadet training programmes whilst upholding compliance standards and responsible tax.

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