Biofuel to reduce carbon emissions

ECO Offshore uses Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO), a safe, sustainable biofuel that replaces conventional fossil fuels to reduce carbon emissions. By choosing to add ECO Offshore to their contracts, our customers can now decarbonise their operations and value chain.

ECO Offshore ISCC

How it works

ECO Offshore diagram

Customers add ECO Offshore to their contract, controlling both the cost and the level of CO2 savings.


Maersk Supply Service uses biofuel across our global fleet until we have saved the equivalent carbon emissions for the vessel operation.


Customers receive a certificate confirming the carbon emissions reduction.

Credibility and safety

ECO Offshore credibility

Certified ECO operations

ECO Offshore’s carbon savings will be independently audited and assured by a third party.

Maersk Tender Successfully Completes Biofuel Trial

Trialled and tested

Biofuel has been successfully trialled aboard our vessels as a viable alternative that does not compromise on safety or performance.

ECO Offshore Maersk Supply Service

ISCC approved

ECO Offshore only uses biofuel with International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC).

Contact Us


For commercial enquiries, contact:

Petter Kleveland
Managing Director for Norway

For sustainability enquiries, contact:

Patricia Ayoub
Head of Decarbonisation

Decarbonisation Forum

In June 2022, the Forum for Decarbonising the OSV Industry released its first whitepaper.

The Forum, of which Maersk Supply Service is a member, aims to speed the transition to a greener, carbon-neutral OSV industry through 10 agreed-upon principles to reduce CO2 emissions and fuel consumption in current offshore vessel operational practices.

Principle 5 encourages the use of biofuel during the transitional phase of reducing OSV emissions. As such, we are committed to supporting our customers’ decarbonisation journeys with ECO Offshore.

Find out more about the Forum for Decarbonising the OSV Industry.