Wind Installation Vessel
Maersk Supply Service’s pioneering new design

  • 30% faster offshore installation

  • Patented by Maersk Supply Service

  • Jones Act compliant

Maersk Supply Service has designed and commissioned a first-of-its-kind Wind Installation Vessel (WIV) that will make the installation of bottom-fixed offshore wind turbines up to 30% faster than the conventional jack-up method.

Developed inhouse, this innovative new methodology will see the WIV stationed permanently at a windfarm to carry out successive installations, while tugs and barges ferry the turbine components out to the installation site. These will be delivered to the WIV using a patented load transfer system that will enable safe transfer of cargo.

Maersk Supply Service WIV

How it works

The key to efficiency lies in fact that the Wind Installation Vessel stays on-site for assembly, while only the tugs and barges shuttle back and forth with the turbine components.

There are four steps to the new methodology:

  1. Barge docks at our new on-location Wind Installation Vessel;
  2. Locking system engages to stabilise the barge;
  3. Tray with turbine components is elevated off the barge and locking system retracts, releasing the barge;
  4. Tower, nacelle and blades are assembled using a standard method.
Building the Wind Installation Vessel

The WIV will be built in Singapore by SembCorp Marine, with the steel-cutting ceremony set for Q4 2022. The jacking units, load transfer system and crane will be provided by NOV, and the design work has been supported by class society ABS. Delivery of the vessel into U.S. waters is expected in 2025.

Design advantages

  • Radically more efficient installation

  • Less weather dependent, allowing year-round operation

  • Faster revenue generation from windfarms

Monopile Installations

In addition to the turbines themselves, the WIV will also be capable of installing steel monopile foundations using its NOV crane.

  • World’s tallest WIV crane to-date

  • 180m lifting height above the vessel deck

  • Embedding monopile turbine foundations at +60m water depth

Partnership with Kirby

Kirby Corporation
Kirby Offshore Wind

For the transport and logistics, we have partnered with Kirby Offshore Wind, a subsidiary of Kirby Corporation, one of the U.S.’s largest operators of offshore barges and towing vessels. Kirby Offshore Wind will provide newbuild tugs and barges in compliance with The Jones Act.

With A.P.Møller-Maersk’s leading position on green methanol, Maersk Supply Service and Kirby Offshore Wind are also looking into making it possible for the WIV, tugs and barges to operate on a combination of climate-neutral fuels and batteries.


Empire Wind

Supporting our newbuild investment, Maersk Supply Service has been awarded a firm contract for the installation of offshore wind parks Empire Wind 1 & 2.

A joint venture between Equinor and bp, the wind parks will be located 15-30 miles southeast of Long Island and span 80,000 acres, with a total installed capacity of over 2 GW (816 + 1,260 MW). Once completed, they will power more 1 million New York homes.

Read the press release

Beacon Wind

In continuation of the Empire Wind contract, we have also been awarded a Preferred Supplier Agreement (PSA) for the WTG installations of Beacon Wind, an additional U.S. windfarm offshore New York that will form next phase of Equinor and bp’s joint project on the north east coast.

The offshore installation is expected to commence in 2028, with Kirby Offshore Wind further supporting this contract by adding a third barge to the installation spread.

Read the press release

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