Environmental, Social and Governance

Maersk Supply Service is committed to conducting business in the most sustainable, ethical and conscientious way possible, using our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles to focus on our wider social impact and environmental footprint. Aligning these principles with our Core Values has enabled us to cultivate a company culture in which looking after each other, the environment and our customers have become second nature.

We are committed to living out our vision, “Actively taking part in solving the energy challenges of tomorrow”, by leveraging our assets and expertise to help drive the UN Sustainable Development Goals. No one individual, company or organisation can solve the climate crisis alone – the scale is global and it will require a collective effort to devise a global solution. But through partnerships and urgent cooperative action, we believe we can make a real impact.

Download the 2021 Sustainability Overview
Sustainability Overview 2021
Maersk Supply Service CEO Steen Karstensen
“At Maersk Supply Service, we want to use our capabilities to play a role in achieving a better and more sustainable future, restoring ocean health, transitioning towards renewable energy and decarbonising our industry.
Besides being aligned with our values, this also strengthens our business by fostering growth and innovation into new technologies and markets. We firmly believe that business and sustainability do not undermine each other but rather go hand in hand.”
Steen S. Karstensen, CEO

Our Initiatives

Ocean Health
Renewable Energy
Responsible Business
Safety & Quality


Maersk Supply Service leverages our marine service heritage, project management abilities, and third-party partnerships to decarbonise our fleet. By working to reduce our carbon footprint, Maersk Supply Service can create more value for our customers’ operations.

CO2 reduction of intensity by 2030
CO2 Neutral

Energy Efficiency Culture

To support our ambitions, we are focusing on technical upgrades, digitalisation and a solid energy efficiency mindset across the fleet. We take part both in reducing our CO2 emissions as well as helping improve industry standards. With innovative ideas, such as the offshore charging buoy, we may help others reduce vessel emissions as well.

Ocean Health

Global plastic production has risen steadily since 1950 at a compound annual growth rate of 8.4%. As a result, an estimated over five trillion pieces of plastic now litter all major ocean basins. Maersk Supply Service considers it our duty, as industry leaders, to take care of our oceans and minimise plastic waste.

Our three Navigating Principles 

  1. Use our marine expertise to help come up with solutions to rid plastic from the oceans.
  2. Avoid unnecessary plastic in our operations.
  3. Engage with suppliers, partners and customers to find solutions to minimise plastic use. We will be transparent about our results and learnings.

Transition to renewable energy

Maersk Supply Service has spent decades at sea, and we bring a skilled offshore perspective to all our projects in support of the renewable energy sector. We utilise our marine experience to support our customers with installation and maintenance of offshore wind.

We always take the environment into consideration when managing our business and we take pride in living up to our environmental responsibilities – often exceeding the regulatory requirements.

Responsible Business

It is our top priority to ensure that we operate with sound and safe practices and that this standard is upheld throughout Maersk Supply Service.

By implementing our policies, Maersk Supply Service commits to the continuous improvement of our performance in all areas, supported by the ongoing development of the management system. We operate with care in the local regions, by developing local talent through cadet training programmes whilst upholding compliance standards and responsible tax.

Safety & Quality

Maersk Supply Service operates with a safety mindset throughout our operations. We uphold high standards and take care of our employees, partners and clients. Our safety mindset is ingrained in the way we work. Maintaining a high level of quality and compliance is our top priority.

To learn more about our approach to safety, health, the environment and quality and certificates, click below.

Diversity & Inclusion

Maersk Supply Service is a global company working with many cultures. We are striving for greater diversity and inclusion both on and offshore.

We believe that a diverse and inclusive culture will foster creativity, innovation, new ways of thinking and an environment everyone can feel engaged to reach their full potential.

In 2020, Maersk Supply Service signed the Charter for more women in shipping, pledging to increase diversity and focus on female representation.

Our Vision

Actively taking part in solving the energy challenges of tomorrow

Key Partnerships & Participations

Maersk Supply Service is an industry leader working with different key partners to support both a greener future and a more inclusive work culture.

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