Patricia Ayoub, Sustainability Partner

Last year, we were proud to launch ECO Offshore: a green operation option for our customers, based on sustainable biofuels.

The idea is to support our customers’ decarbonisation journeys by enabling them to reduce or remove the carbon emissions from their upstream operations. We do this by purchasing sustainable biofuel for use in our global fleet and ‘banking’ the resulting CO2 emissions savings. These savings are what we pass on to our customers when they choose ECO Offshore as an option. Our process will then be assured by third-party auditor to make sure it is credible.

We only use ISCC-approved secondgeneration biofuel, an advanced Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) that does not harm or deplete food sources while reducing carbon emissions.

Of course, with the safety culture we have at Maersk, we tested this rigorously before releasing this to the market. In 2021, we successfully trialled aboard the anchor handler Maersk Tender, in partnership with The Ocean Cleanup, when we blended biofuel into the marine gasoil. This lead to a carbon emissions saving of 38.95 metric tonnes over two six-week charters. Crucially, the trial confirmed that the biofuel does not compromise on safety or performance, and does not require vessel modifications or additional crew training.

We now offer our customers the opportunity to decarbonise their offshore operations and value chain as part of every tender.

Find out more about ECO Offshore here:

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