Mark Handin, Chief Operating Officer

Leading the OSV industry towards a net-zero future

We all have a role to play when it comes to climate action. As a leading vessel owner and operator, we believe we can have a meaningful impact on protecting our planet by reducing our carbon emissions – but it is also clear that we need to coordinate and combine our efforts across the industry to succeed.

For this reason, Maersk Supply Service is taking an ‘All Steps Matter’ approach to reducing our emissions, proactively pursuing initiatives internally to decarbonise our fleet and operations, while also engaging collaboratively with our clients and stakeholders. We believe that even incremental measures are can add value to the overall effort.

Internally, our decarbonisation initiatives have seen some encouraging progress over the last year. A particular highlight was the installation of a battery system onboard the AHTS Maersk Minder, possibly making her the first hybrid-powered anchor handler in the world. We continue to explore multiple routes to decarbonisation, from technology and innovation, to optimising behaviours and habits, and improving our energy performance through tighter data management.

We have also been proud to participate in the Forum for Decarbonising the OSV Industry, engaging directly with major players in the offshore energy sector such as Chevron, Shell, TotalEnergies, Equinor, and ABS. The Forum aims to foster dialogue among vessel owners and charterers, enabling us to leverage a collective and focussed effort to reduce OSV carbon emissions. In 2022, the Forum published its first whitepaper, containing ten agreed-upon principles for concrete actions that can be taken across the industry.

Read the whitepaper here:

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