Chris Tibbo, Managing Director Canada

Since 1998, Chris Tibbo has worked with Maersk Supply Service where he began his career as a cadet. As he acquired knowledge and gained skills, he became a captain in 2012, Onshore Manager in 2016, and now appointed Managing Director in Canada.

“Working for Maersk feels almost like a family to me. You build relationships, grow and gradually get more exciting and new responsibilities. I have always been treated well by my colleagues, and I value the people working here and the good culture across the organisation. I am not interested in making short-term gains but rather creating a lasting career.

Maersk has always treated me well, and with that comes loyalty. I remember when I was invited to visit Villa Anna in Svendborg, Denmark. The place where the Maersk family is rooted. It made a huge impression on me and still stands clear in my memory,” says Chris Tibbo, Managing Director, North America.

“Chris brings vast experience and industry-specific knowledge to this position. He has a broad range of experience in various roles within our company, from cadet to onshore operations manager. With over 20 years of dedicated service, he has shared in, and contributed to, Maersk Supply Service’s growth in Canada. I am looking forward to continuing to work with Chris in this new role,” says Mark Handin, COO.

What’s next

“It is key that MSS maintain stability in the Canada region and continue to be known as a first-class organisation who values its people, respects the environment and maintains its assets in a heightened state of readiness,” explains Chris.

“After Covid-19 hit the offshore market in Canada, there were several postponements and cancellations. As the market opens again, it is vital that we land new project work. I foresee that 2022 will be a rebound year for us.

We know our customers and they trust us! I use the word trust often, but I believe it is the key in this region. It is this trust that often leads to us being the first call for our clients when they have issues or need advice and offer solutions. I will bring passion to the role every day and will work harder than anyone to obtain results that we all can be proud of.”

Timeline of Service:

  • 1998: Started as a Cadet
  • 2000: Worked offshore in Denmark and UK
  • 2012: appointed Captain
  • 2016: Started as Offshore Operations Manager, working in the St. Johns office
  • 2021: Promoted to Managing Director for Maersk Supply Service in Canada

Chris Tibbo as a cadet in 1998. Number two in a blue boiler suit from left.

Newly appointed Captain, Chris Tibbo, with his son on board.

Chris Tibbo and the team at the harbour front in St. Johns, Canada. 

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