Enviromental, Social and Governance

Maersk Supply Service is committed to conducting business in the most sustainable, ethical and conscientious way possible, using our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles to focus on our wider social impact and environmental footprint. Aligning these principles with our Core Values has enabled us to cultivate a company culture in which looking after each other, the environment and our customers have become second nature.

We are committed to living out our vision, “Actively taking part in solving the energy challenges of tomorrow”, by leveraging our assets and expertise to help drive the UN Sustainable Development Goals. No one individual, company or organisation can solve the climate crisis alone – the scale is global and it will require a collective effort to devise a global solution. But through partnerships and urgent cooperative action, we believe we can make a real impact.

Our Initiatives


Renewable Energy

Ocean Health

Safety & Security

Responsible Business

Our ESG strategy is built on the Maersk Core Values


Decarbonisation through collaboration

Mark Handin
Cheif Operating Officer

“We all have a role to play when it comes to climate action. As a leading vessel owner and operator, we believe we can have a meaningful impact on protecting our planet by reducing our carbon emissions – but it is also clear that we need to coordinate and combine our efforts across the industry to succeed.”

Leading the OSV industry towards a net-zero future

We have also been proud to participate in the Forum for Decarbonising the OSV Industry, engaging directly with major players in the offshore energy sector such as Chevron, Shell, TotalEnergies, Equinor, and ABS. The Forum aims to foster dialogue among vessel owners and charterers, enabling us to leverage a collective and focussed effort to reduce OSV carbon emissions. In 2022, the Forum published its first whitepaper, containing ten agreed-upon principles for concrete actions that can be taken across the industry.

ECO Offshore: supporting our customers with the option of biofuel

Patricia Ayoub
Sustainability Partner

“Last year, we were very proud to launch ECO Offshore: a green operation option for our customers, based on sustainable biofuels.” 



Absolute CO₂ emissions from vessels
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Reduction in carbon intensity

Building our pioneering ‘world-first’ Wind Installation Vessel design

“2022 was truly a breakthrough year for our offshore wind strategy, in which Maersk Supply Service commissioned the build of our pioneering new Wind Installation Vessel (WIV) that will make the installation of offshore wind turbines 30% faster than the conventional jack-up method.”

Lars Blicher
Director of Offshore Wind

Accelerating the safe and robust roll out of Floating Offshore Wind

Gry Rostrup
Head of Floating Wind

“Our core capabilities are rooted in over 50 years’ experience of safely and efficiently delivering towing and mooring scopes in some of the world’s harshest waters, so the move into floating wind is a natural progression for Maersk Supply Service. This emergent technology has the potential to play a pivotal role in the urgent transition to renewable energy and is predicted to see rapid expansion.”

Ocean Health

Charlotte Holst
Head of Communications and Sustainability

“The oceans are at the heart of our operations and are the workplace for our seafarers, who see plastic pollution first-hand every day. At Maersk Supply Service, we believe we have a responsibility to take care of the oceans, for example by minimising plastic waste.”

As of December 2022, we have collected

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from the Pacific Ocean


Diversity & Inclusion

Heather Stone
Diversity and Inclusion Partner

“To turn our diversity and inclusion intentions into action we need allies! Anyone and everyone can be an ally. If you are searching for a way to start, look no further than our core values. They are a practical commitment to respect each other and create a workplace where people can thrive.”


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Women onshore
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Women offshore
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Female leaders onshore

Health & safety

Lars Bagger Hviid
Head of HSSEQ

“Incidents and near miss events unfortunately occur. When they happen, it is important that we learn from them. We have built procedures and processes to ensure that both our onshore and offshore organisation get as many learnings as possible, so we avoid repeating previous mistakes.”



In 2018, we introduced Safety 2.0, a new framework on how we work with safety, with three elements: Safety as a capacity; Just and joint accountability, and Strong learning with a proactive mindset.

This acts as a guide for Maersk Supply Service employees to ensure a safe, compliant and healthy work environment – onshore as well as offshore.


Quality management

These guiding principles strengthen the collaboration both internally and externally, allowing Maersk Supply to meet its customers’ expectations as well as its own.

Business ethics and anticorruption

By implementing our policies, Maersk Supply Service commits to the continuous improvement of our performance in all areas, supported by the ongoing development of the management system. We operate with care in the local regions, by developing local talent through cadet training programmes whilst upholding compliance standards and responsible tax.