We know more about the moon than what’s below the surface of our oceans, which make up more than 70% of the planet. Yet we have only explored some 5% of this. A prerequisite for all emerging ocean activities is retrieving subsea data so our customers can develop these frontier industries in the most sustainable way.

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Our offerings range from supporting seabed studies and sampling activities, to installing and monitoring subsea survey equipment. Our fleet of offshore support vessels offers a flexible platform for any research campaign, with large deck space, lifting capabilities down to 6000 meters, onboard ROVs and AUVs, and specialised offshore workspaces. With this, we deliver a solution where data can be extrapolated and analysed in even the most remote areas of our oceans.

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Metocean Studies

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Our Vision

Actively taking part in solving the energy challenges of tomorrow

We support our customers across the offshore industries with integrated solutions, and we do this with more than 50 years of marine experience. We manage and execute full-scope offshore campaigns using our advanced marine assets, experienced people, and key partners network.

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Our versatile vessels and experienced personnel makes Maersk Supply Service a valued partner across various offshore industries. If you would like to inquire with Maersk Supply Service about engagements within other industries, please reach out to us below.

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