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Integrated solutions for floating wind:
substructures and foundations

Maersk Supply Service has the capabilities, resources and expertise to offer custom-built solutions for the development of floating wind farms. We build the solution based on the chosen floater design: this drives the fabrication methodology, site selection for assembly and turbine installation, and the offshore installation planning.


Design partnership with Stiesdal

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Knowing a foundation design in detail is key to building the most robust solution and driving down costs. This is why Maersk Supply Service and Stiesdal Offshore have entered into a strategic partnership, building on our individual positions in the floating wind industry to offer custom-built solutions based around the Stiesdal floater technology.

The ‘Tetra’ concept

Stiesdal’s Tetra concept is a simple modular design, built with factory-manufactured components to enable a fully industrialised supply chain.  The components are assembled at the quayside, just like the turbine is assembled, with the foundation launched using a slipway or barge, rather than requiring dry dock. The turbine itself is installed onto the foundation in port and the complete structure towed to site.

Simplified value chain

Simplified value chain

Combined strengths

Combined strengths

Fast-track delivery

Fast-track delivery

Shared values

Shared values

Knowledge bank

Knowledge bank

Bankable projects

Bankable projects

Stiesdal Maersk Supply Factsheet
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Floating wind turbine installation

Serial production:
the most cost-effective solution

Our approach to the manufacturing process ensures that the fabrication, assembly and installation run in cycles of serial production. Within these cycles, the individual tasks are performed in parallel, enabling us to:

  • Minimise overall project duration

  • Run ‘just in time’ production to:
    • minimise storage
    • lower costs

  • Shorten working capital cycle

  • Improve delivery performance

With the combination of our inhouse project management expertise, 50 years of maritime expertise, an established network of trusted partners, and the wider Maersk arsenal to draw from, Maersk Supply Service is well equipped with the capabilities to manage concurrent production for commercial wind farms. In this way, we ensure truly streamlined project execution, reducing risk and lowering costs:

  • Reduced bottle necks

  • Lean approach

  • Process excellence

  • Aligned expertise

  • Management of interfaces

  • Flexibility of owned marine assets

Contact Us

Gry Rostrup, Lead Business Development Manager of Floating Offshore Wind
Gry Rostrup
Floating Wind Lead Business Development Manager
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For more information, contact: Torben Van Wyk, Floating Wind Commercial Manager
Torben Van Wyk
Floating Wind Commercial Manager
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Meet our Experts

Hear from our Floating Wind team on what it’s like to work in the renewables industry sector at Maersk Supply Service.

The Right Questions to Ask Before Installing a Floating Wind Farm

Whitepaper: The Right Questions to Ask Before Installing a Floating Wind Farm

Moving from shore to deeper and deeper waters means a range of new complexities for installation and logistics for offshore wind that have to be managed. On the surface it all looks the same, but below the surface it is a completely different story. This whitepaper outlines how to leverage experience from the existing offshore energy sector to succeed in lowering the levelised cost of floating wind energy, including a guide to the 10 Key Questions to Ask During Planning.

Download the Whitepaper

Operations & Maintenance

In addition to turbines and floating structures, mooring system maintenance needs to be managed. Offshore regulations require subsea inspection at a minimum of every 2-5 years, depending on the system. From there, new mooring lines and anchors may need to be procured and installed over time. While Maersk Supply Service has been supporting operators in the energy sector with moorings management operations throughout our history, we also have the capabilities to support floating wind farms with inspection as well as planning and execution of mooring system maintenance services.

Read our latest moorings management case story at right:

The right marine capabilities to install floating wind

Examples of supporting track record

Towing and mooring operations is the DNA of Maersk Supply Service, as one of the largest operators of anchor handling tug supply vessels in the world. Over more than 50 years, we have been providing installation operations for mooring systems across various industries, involving all sorts of floaters, anchors and mooring systems in all water depths. Whether it’s installing floating wind turbines for a demonstration project, commercial wind farms, or for the electrification of offshore installations, we bring a marine perspective to all our projects in support of the energy sector.

With some of the most advanced capabilities in the industry, Maersk Supply Service is prepared to handle increasingly large mooring systems and support the development of wind farms as they move farther from shore. Explore our fleet and services below.


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