5 x 40-year anniversaries at Maersk Supply Service

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In July 1982, five promising young cadets graduated from Sønderborg Søfartskole (Sønderborg School of Seafarers) and went on to sail with Maersk Supply Service. Carsten Andersen, Flemming Bang, Peter Grøn, Peter Andersen and Keld Thilqvist all rose through the ranks from cadet to captain, with some also working onshore for a period. Now, 40

Celebrating 40 years at Maersk Supply Service: Captain Alasdair Matheson

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"The most important thing from my time with MSS is the people I’ve been fortunate enough to sail with – they'll always be the company’s greatest asset." When Maersk Handler arrived in Lowestoft (UK) on 20th January 2022, it was no ordinary crew change, as it marked Captain Alasdair Matheson’s final disembarkment from

Long quarantines are NOT the new normal: Captain Thomas Fríðálvur Jespersen

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"The Covid situation has presented the biggest challenge I’ve known...but things are slowly going the right way now and things will get easier." How long have you worked at Maersk Supply Service and what was your starting position? I joined in December 2002 as a Third Officer. So, a long time! I took

The benefits of taking on new challenges: Chief Engineer Rasmus Thomsen

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"I now get to participate in all sorts of interesting technical processes across different vessels, vessel classes, regions and teams." How long have you worked at Maersk Supply Service, and what was your starting position? I first joined MSS in 2006 as a Dual Cadet. I graduated in 2009 as a Dual Junior

From Dual Officer to Captain in under 10 years: Captain Terkel Brandborg Madsen

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"The extensive periods spent offshore can be tough, but my greatest motivation is knowing that I can save up additional leave for some quality time with my kids, family and friends later on." How long have you worked at Maersk Supply Service, and what was your starting position? I started at Maersk Supply

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