HSEQ Profile

Our goal is to achieve zero incidents, nothing less

Our commitment

Acting with constant care is embedded in the safety culture of Maersk Supply Service, and our values guide us towards a safe, compliant and healthy work environment, offshore as well as onshore.

Over the past 50 years we have established a company culture where looking after each other, the environment and our customers has become second nature.

24/7 Safe

Safety is embedded in everything we do 24/7 and we strive hard to achieve zero incidents.

Safety is part of everything we do. Every hour of every day we operate under conditions that are potentially dangerous if not managed correctly. We believe that safety is a leadership matter and we are all personally responsible for taking care of each other.

In Focus

Five million hours worked LTI free

A safe working environment for our employees, partners and clients remains the top priority for all projects and operations in Maersk Supply Service. On Tuesday 7 March 2017 at 0930 local Chinese time, representatives from Maersk Supply Service and the COSCO Dalian Shipyard Team celebrated the achievement of reaching 5 million hours worked on the Stingray newbuilding project without a single Lost Time Incident (LTI).

We care about our people

We care about our people and a strong health is a key element for good safety performance and individual resilience.

Maersk Supply Service is dedicated to providing a healthy work environment for everyone, whether working on board a vessel or in one of our global office locations.


Decades at sea made us aware of our responsibility to preserve the planet.

We always take the environment into consideration when managing our business and we take pride in living up to our environmental responsibilities – often exceeding the regulatory requirements.


We maintain a high level of quality and ensure compliance throughout our organisation.

MSS is committed to continuous improvement of all our operations by constantly looking for ways to improve our work processes and procedures that have been developed over the past 5 decades and also incorporates recognized industry best practice.