“The extensive periods spent offshore can be tough, but my greatest motivation is knowing that I can save up additional leave for some quality time with my kids, family and friends later on.”

How long have you worked at Maersk Supply Service, and what was your starting position?

I started at Maersk Supply Service back in November 2009, after graduating as Dual Officer from SIMAC. I first took up the position of Dual Junior Officer aboard Maersk Battler offshore Angola and, after 1.5 years gaining experience with both roles, I changed assignment to 2/O. I was promoted to Chief Officer in 2013 aboard Maersk Achiever and later to Captain in 2018 aboard Maersk Laser.

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced in your time with MSS? How did you manage this?

My biggest personal challenge has been the time spent away from my kids, family and friends at home. Various complications throughout the years have extended my offshore assignments, including operational issues delaying a vessel’s entry into port, a volcano eruption covering the northern hemisphere with ash and disrupting flights, visas not being issued in time, and most recently the global COVID pandemic.

The extensive periods spent offshore can be tough, but my greatest motivation is knowing that I can save up additional leave for some quality time with my kids, family and friends later on. Recently, I was able to stay home for 6 consecutive months for the birth of my son. This was only possible due to the saved-up leave from previous longer assignments.

The biggest professional challenge I’ve faced was during a recent FSO mooring project offshore Nigerian. Operating in Nigeria has never been easy, but the combination of the COVID pandemic and the high piracy rate in the area at the time meant that the whole crew had to step up, work together, remain focused on the job and help each other complete it successfully, and get safely home.

What excites you the most about your role?

In my current role as a Captain, the most exciting part of the job is the offshore operation of the vessel during a charter: planning the operation, executing it accordingly, and everyone heading home safely after a good job well done. I also find it very exciting and satisfying to coach the crew and teach them new skills to ensure the vessel operation runs as smoothly as possible.

What has been your greatest achievement in Maersk Supply Service?

Impossible to say! Except that all great MSS achievements for me have been as part of a crew of colleagues making it all possible. Offshore, you cannot achieve anything alone.

My best decision while at MSS was without a doubt agreeing to join the office in Lyngby as temporary Marine Operation Specialist during the summer vacation of 2018, and again in the autumn of 2018. It gave me invaluable knowledge of the onshore side of our operation and I was able to put faces to the many names, titles and email addresses we communicate with every day. I would highly recommend all offshore colleagues jump in when there is an opening or temporary requirement onshore.

What goals are you working towards?

Personally, I’m working towards being a better version of myself today than I was yesterday. I do realise that nobody is perfect, but we can always try to do better and improve all the small details. Later in my career I hope to see myself exploring the different career paths available at MSS, hopefully combining some onshore project tasks with offshore work.

If you had some advice for new seafarers joining MSS, what would that be?

As a new seafarer at MSS I do believe it is important that you join the MSS world with a positive mindset, believe in yourself and always strive to learn and improve. Be proactive in your own career path and grab the chances when they show up.

Captain Terkel Madsen
Name: Terkel Brandborg Madsen

Title: Captain
Nationality: Danish
Located: Ireland

“Always strive to learn and improve.”

“Supporting vessel dockings onsite has allowed me to experience procurement on a whole new level – it is definitely where the real action is!”

Abigail Fababeir, Senior Project Buyer

“It is interesting to work as a leader because I’m able to support the development of others and follow their progress”

Rodrigo Fasano, HR Manager

“The most interesting aspect of my job is probably the mix of building relations with our clients and understanding their needs, all while gaining an understanding of our regional markets.”

Sebastian Klasterer Toft, Senior Business Development Manager

“Every time our team concludes a project, I feel I am directly contributing to the development of our Company, the local economy and the world.”

Dimitri Serruya, Deck Officer

“The most interesting part of my job as a Chief Officer is being in direct contact both with the operational aspect and the management team being able to contribute with practical decisions of the vessel.”

Aline Monterio, Chief Officer

“What I love most about Maersk Supply Service is the feeling of shared purpose held by all employees. It makes my work life very meaningful to be able to connect with my colleagues sharing one common goal – to make Maersk Supply Service a leader in solving the energy challenges of tomorrow.”

Benjamin Attumaly, Naval Architect