Name: Torben Van Wyk

Title: Floating Wind Commercial Manager

“With our fleet capacity and capabilities, Maersk Supply Service has the potential to efficiently deliver towing and mooring installation of Floating Wind projects.”

Why is Floating Wind interesting for Maersk Supply Service?

The activities in Floating Wind will be significantly increasing over the next several years with the commercialisation of Floating Wind Farms. Since 2017, Maersk Supply Service has been building our solutions track record supporting the tow and installation of floating assets. Our offshore experience, our maritime capabilities and our assets are directly transferable to Floating Wind. It is our goal in Maersk Supply Service to help develop this promising industry and support commercialisation by bringing in-depth marine knowledge in the demo stages to help advance and shape this process.

Secondly, we offer tailor-made Project Management and Engineering (PM&E) services to fit the needs of the customers. This means that as technologies advance and designs improve, we remain agile in our approach.

What is the biggest challenge in Floating Wind?

Currently, the biggest challenge in the Floating Wind industry is figuring out a suitable port. The industry is maturing quickly; however, it is a challenge solving Port infrastructure, space for fabrication and assembly that is required for large-scale commercial operations. For example, a commercial wind farm will likely have 50 wind turbines. Assembly of these turbines requires space and planning to ensure no bottlenecks.

Remaining agile is important, so as technology develops, it is important to find solutions that are scalable.

What are you working on at the moment?

The industry is developing rapidly with many new Floating Wind projects surfaces. Most of my time is spent on business development and exploring the potential project operations and commercial scalability. Additionally, I follow the latest trends within the industry and the development of various floater designs and industry technology.

What is your background?

My educational background is in Master Mariner, and I have been with Maersk Supply Service since 2010, working both in operational and commercial roles. Since 2020, I joined the Floating Wind team as Floating Wind Commercial Manager.

What does success look like – for you and Floating Wind?

To me, success looks like becoming industry leaders in supporting the Floating Wind industry in optimising design, planning and execution of installation and operation of the commercial Floating Wind farms, bringing the maritime expertise that we have built up over more than five decades. I want to help support and grow the industry, and I see Maersk Supply Service as playing a critical role here.

Our role is to support the industry and utilise our knowledge to play an active part in solving the installation challenges.

Nick Trier Madsen, Head of Offshore Operations

“Solving complex challenges and finding key solutions for Floating Wind.”

Ferdinando Samonà, Senior Project Engineer