Name: Ferdinando Samonà

Title: Senior Project Engineer

“Solving complex challenges and finding key solutions for Floating Wind.”

Why is Floating Wind interesting for Maersk Supply Service?

With its long-standing experience in towing and installing Floating Units, Maersk Supply Service has a significant role to play in Floating Wind. There is a natural connection and strong fit with our capabilities and assets. Floating Wind also aligns with our commitment to a green transformation.

What is the biggest challenge in Floating Wind?

One of the biggest challenges in the coming years will be evolving from Demo-scale projects with only a few Floating Wind units to install to Commercial-scale projects with 25-50 or more Floating Wind units to install over a period of one to two years. Only a few companies with solid Marine and Logistics experience, such as Maersk, will be able to deliver at this scale.

What are you working on at the moment?

Currently, I am working on some of the major Floating Wind opportunities worldwide, providing engineering solutions to projects from the concept stage through to planning and execution.

What is your background?

I have a background in Naval Architecture & Offshore Engineering. I have been working with Maersk Supply Service since September 2019, where I started as Senior Project Engineer.

What does success look like – for you and Floating Wind?

Through innovation, I want to bring design and engineering solutions to help solve complex offshore challenges and contribute to making Floating Wind a successful story for Maersk Supply Service and the offshore energy industry as a whole.

Our role is to support the industry and utilise our knowledge to play an active part in solving the installation challenges.

Nick Trier Madsen, Head of Offshore Operations

“With our fleet capacity and capabilities, Maersk Supply Service has the potential to efficiently deliver towing and mooring installation of Floating Wind projects.”