“The most interesting part of my job is being able to work with different people in various roles, and situations.”

How long have you worked at Maersk Supply Service, and what was your starting position?

I started as a cadet in December 2003 on the “Maersk Nascopie”. After completing my Nautical Science program in 2006, I joined Maersk Supply as a GPC. I then obtained my certification to become a First Officer in December 2007. I was promoted to become a First Officer in February 2008, and it remains my current position today.

What skills have you developed? 

I have developed many skills during my employment with Maersk. Gaining self-confidence, becoming more innovative, planning and organizing, flexibility, and maintaining a positive attitude, to name a few.

What projects have you worked on, and what was the highlight?

I’ve worked on several vessels in the supply fleet. We’ve done various types of jobs such as towing icebergs, ROV operations, rig moves, assisting with three other vessels to put an FPSO over the spider buoy, and running pipe to a pipe layer, just to name a few.

What is the most interesting part of your job?

The most interesting part of my job is being able to work with different people in various roles and situations. I have learned new ways to approach a task from different perspectives.

What has been your greatest achievement in Maersk Supply Service?

My greatest achievement has been becoming a First Officer and gaining respect from my fellow colleagues. Sometimes being a female in a male-dominated role can be difficult. I am the type of person that is not easily intimidated, and for most of my working years, I have been fortunate to work with a great group of guys that respect me and my experience.

What are your goals for the future at Maersk Supply Service?

I’d like to obtain a Senior Officer position when I get the certification. Until then, I intend to keep doing my job to the best of my ability to help keep myself and my crew working in a safe environment.

Anything else you would like to share?

I am currently the only female working offshore with Maersk Supply on the East Coast of Canada. I would like to see more women working in this area.

Name: Jessica Dalton

Title: First Officer
Nationality: Canadian
Located: Canada

“Being the woman who decided to go for it.”

“Supporting vessel dockings onsite has allowed me to experience procurement on a whole new level – it is definitely where the real action is!”

Abigail Fababeir, Senior Project Buyer

“It is interesting to work as a leader because I’m able to support the development of others and follow their progress”

Rodrigo Fasano, HR Manager

“The most interesting aspect of my job is probably the mix of building relations with our clients and understanding their needs, all while gaining an understanding of our regional markets.”

Sebastian Klasterer Toft, Senior Business Development Manager

“Every time our team concludes a project, I feel I am directly contributing to the development of our Company, the local economy and the world.”

Dimitri Serruya, Deck Officer

“The most interesting part of my job as a Chief Officer is being in direct contact both with the operational aspect and the management team being able to contribute with practical decisions of the vessel.”

Aline Monterio, Chief Officer

“What I love most about Maersk Supply Service is the feeling of shared purpose held by all employees. It makes my work life very meaningful to be able to connect with my colleagues sharing one common goal – to make Maersk Supply Service a leader in solving the energy challenges of tomorrow.”

Benjamin Attumaly, Naval Architect