Olivier Trouvè, Head of Integrated Solutions

The FPSO towing and mooring industry is continuing to grow. Find our why a full-scope solutions approach is part of the future in the market.

These are challenging times for the offshore industry. However, at Maersk Supply Service, we believe that challenges should fuel ingenuity and propel us towards better practices. We have been providing marine services globally for over 50 years with towing and mooring installation at the core. The recent logistics disruption, due to COVID-19 and drop in oil price, have led to tighter margins on projects. We observe how it is now more crucial than ever for our customers to de-risk their projects. Our approach is to provide full-scope solutions that empower our customers to focus on their core business whilst providing them with a smooth solution for their offshore needs.

De-risking cost and schedules for our customers

Maersk Supply Service is a Towing and Mooring Partner offering turnkey solutions and supporting our customers at each stage of the Floating Production Unit (FPU) lifecycle– from site preparation and towing, through mooring installation and management to decommissioning. By combining our EPCI capabilities with a large in-house fleet, Maersk Supply Service has reduced our customer’s overall risk picture by giving certainty of both cost and schedule to every project. In this process, the integration of our own fleet guarantees that projects have the right vessels at the right time at a locked-in price. By offering this integrated partner role, we allow our customers to focus on their core activities and help to enable their competitiveness both economically as well as organisationally.

A specialised Towing and Mooring Partner that provides full-scope solutions means that we also offer single-point interface management. Rather than managing multiple providers, customers can keep their organisations agile whilst ensuring that their mooring needs are met with the highest level of quality and safety standards. We strive to ensure that our teams contribute with the full advantage of their offshore knowledge combined with their local and regional expertise, as well as the use of vessel capabilities at their best. The combination of project management and engineering disciplines with offshore marine experience ensures that the best methodology and practices are implemented and safely executed offshore in the most efficient manner.

Simplifying business setup

Towing and mooring installation is a small part of the overall FPU project; however, it is a critical element in safeguarding project schedules. When customers outsource non-core business to subject experts like us, we reduce risks by monitoring circumstances and tracking project timeline. By utilising our capabilities, customers can simplify their own organisational and business setup. Similarly, with maintenance and life extension scopes, a full solutions provider like Maersk Supply Service, enables our customers to conduct these scopes safely and efficiently whilst allowing them to maintain focus on their core operations. Therefore, we believe that integrated solutions is key to providing the needed edge in the towing and mooring industry of the future.

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