“The thing I enjoy the most about my job is that MSS is truly a global organisation.”

What is the most interesting part of your job as a Senior Crew Manager?  

The thing I enjoy the most about my job is that MSS is truly a global organisation. This means that I work with so many different parts of the world: In the morning, I have meetings with Australia, in the afternoon Canada, Brazil and Mexico – and I need to have an understanding of the regional markets in order to support my team. In addition, working in crew management you have to find the optimal balance between the analytical side, financial side and human side of every decision you make.

If you could give a new employee in Maersk Supply Service a word of advice, what would it be?

If you ever get the chance visit a vessel! It gives you an insight that is invaluable to the work you do, regardless of which department you are in – and really helps you appreciate the work, dedication and effort that goes into life offshore. Make sure you remember PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)!

Name: Alexandra Davies 

Title: Senior Crew Manager
Nationality: Danish
Located: Lyngby

“Supporting vessel dockings onsite has allowed me to experience procurement on a whole new level – it is definitely where the real action is!”

Abigail Fababeir, Senior Project Buyer

“It is interesting to work as a leader because I’m able to support the development of others and follow their progress”

Rodrigo Fasano, HR Manager

“The most interesting aspect of my job is probably the mix of building relations with our clients and understanding their needs, all while gaining an understanding of our regional markets.”

Sebastian Klasterer Toft, Senior Business Development Manager

“Every time our team concludes a project, I feel I am directly contributing to the development of our Company, the local economy and the world.”

Dimitri Serruya, Deck Officer

“The most interesting part of my job as a Chief Officer is being in direct contact both with the operational aspect and the management team being able to contribute with practical decisions of the vessel.”

Aline Monterio, Chief Officer

“What I love most about Maersk Supply Service is the feeling of shared purpose held by all employees. It makes my work life very meaningful to be able to connect with my colleagues sharing one common goal – to make Maersk Supply Service a leader in solving the energy challenges of tomorrow.”

Benjamin Attumaly, Naval Architect