“Every time our team concludes a project, I feel I am directly contributing to the development of our Company, the local economy and the world”

What is the most interesting part of your job as a Deck Officer?  

The empowerment of being involved from task planning to hands-on execution. Being on the operational side, I have a sense of pride every time our team concludes a job in the safest and most efficient manner, as I feel that I am directly contributing to the development of our Company, the local economy and the world. Working offshore means that every day brings a new challenge and the more experienced I get, the more I realize how much is still to be learnt.

If you could give a new employee in Maersk Supply Service a word of advice, what would it be?

Maersk Supply Service is a company that truly cares about the employees and encourages our professional development. It gives the opportunity to work in a diversified environment with well-trained seafarers from different cultural backgrounds. With our large fleet of offshore vessels you will be prepared for any kind of operation.

On board we are always reminded how dependent we are on our colleagues, so ask and give feedback and be an effective team player. Learn from seniors, but do bring your fresh mind and speak up if you have a different opinion.

Name: Dimitri Serruya

Title: Deck Officer
Nationality: Brazilian
Located: Offshore

“It is interesting to work as a leader because I’m able to support the development of others and follow their progress”

Rodrigo Fasano, HR Manager

“The most interesting aspect of my job is probably the mix of building relations with our clients and understanding their needs, all while gaining an understanding of our regional markets.”

Sebastian Klasterer Toft, Senior Business Development Manager

“I really enjoy working with the seafarers and supporting their life at sea.”