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Our delivery model is centered around our global assets in all the markets we serve. Whether it is decommissioning, mooring or towing services, we design and implement solutions that meet the specific requirements of the customers. Our Integrated Solutions business is supported by our 50 years of offshore experience and our privileged access to a global network of people, assets and strategic industry partners. We guarantee the relevant resources and capabilities to deliver safe and efficient project solutions for customers. We offer the right solution, the right way.

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Reducing complexities for our customers

With Maersk Supply Service as the project lead, customers receive a well-designed and simplified turn-key solution founded on a strong engagement with our partners and relevant subcontractors. By sourcing and managing the necessary service providers and ensuring that they fulfill their responsibilities on-time and on-budget, we are aligning our incentives with the customer and cutting out unnecessary complexity. By limiting the number of customer interfaces we are taking on our fair share of project risk. We are able to reduce cost and uncertainties and most importantly, we give our customers the opportunity to focus on their core business, while we ensure the safe and efficient completion of work scopes.

Integrated Solutions Model

Growing from Our core...

For 50 years, Maersk Supply Service has provided marine services in the form of vessels and crew for our customers, but now we are expanding our offering to create more value and efficiency for customers and partners.

...To expand our offering...

This includes well established in-house capabilities that open up a greater portfolio of services to customers. We are also focused on building strong partnerships with industry leading third party contractors to meet customers’ specific project requirements.

...and develop integrated solutions

We offer fully integrated solutions that are built around our core competencies and global versatile fleet. We have expanded our value proposition to take on project management tasks to directly benefit customers’ business. This includes scoping, planning and execution of complex marine projects. We can customize any work scope necessary to deliver on specific project complexity and requirements.

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Integrated Solutions

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Mooring and Towing Services

We have many years of experience in performing towing operations and mooring installations for drilling rigs and production units all over the world. Mooring and towing services require the mobilization of powerful state of the art Anchor Handling Vessels at the right time and the right location. Our solution is to offer a full service, by providing the vessel and taking responsibility for moving and mooring the drilling rig or production unit to its new location. We take care of all aspects including survey, installation procedures of anchors set-up of mooring lines, procurement of mooring equipment, ROV services and soil investigation.

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Maersk Supply has developed innovative and simplified approaches to the removal of subsea equipment and pipeline from the sea floor. This is based on its 50 years of marine operations experience. Managing the project and therefore mastering the execution schedule, allows us to optimize mobilization of the appropriate offshore assets and adequate tooling for the efficient and safe execution of the work scope. The versatility and capabilities of our vessels offer a vast range of technical options that we develop in combination with our marine experience and our subsea engineering capabilities.

Our global fleet at the center of our services

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