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The offshore energy sector is undergoing unprecedented structural change, largely caused by low oil prices and an increasingly complex and competitive market.  Amidst this disruption, the task of managing and executing offshore operations, such as rig-moves, transport logistics and subsea projects, is an unwelcome distraction. Time spent on activities such as logistics, scoping, planning and managing interfaces is time lost on customers’ core business. Oil and gas and offshore renewable companies often have to rely on support from specialist suppliers. But a fragmented supplier market makes for an unwieldy procurement process. The burden of connecting, organising and managing many different suppliers with misaligned incentives puts performance, safety and profitability at risk.

Simplifying operations
For companies operating in the oil and gas and offshore renewable segments, success depends not just on adapting to, but also creating new market conditions. There are compelling opportunities to maximise the value of offshore project operations. To benefit from this opportunity, customers seek to simplify operations, improve business efficiencies and cut through the complexities of the market. Maersk Supply Service has the capabilities and experience to realise these benefits and meet business objectives.

A broad scope of services and vessels in the offshore energy sector
With our large, versatile fleet of modern vessels and experienced crews, Maersk Supply Service brings more than 50 years’ hands-on marine experience in performing complex operations at sea. Our capabilities are supported by our proven technical and commercial expertise, specialist industry knowledge and a global network.
We are proud of the reputation we have built, based on a continued objective to perform above expectations and steady investment in developing all necessary capabilities to meet our customers’ objectives. We are committed to deliver the best combination of commercial and technical competencies.

Smoother buying process
In addition to providing cost-competitive vessels that meet the highest standards of quality and safety, our bundled services include scoping, planning and execution of marine projects – all within one clearly defined service agreement.
When you choose Maersk Supply Service as your project partner, you choose a partner who can manage the entire process. We lighten the load on your procurement department by bringing together the best suppliers and solutions for the project on hand. We manage all suppliers’ contributions – ensuring all parties fulfill their responsibilities – towards the project’s successful completion.
Working closely with you to address your specific business needs, our Integrated Solutions Department manages and ensures on-schedule, on-budget delivery of solutions. From a single point of contact for the project, we take responsibility in areas that are not your core capabilities. You can be sure that everyone involved is working towards the same goal. In turn, you get more time to allocate to the activities that add value to your business.

Winning together
A partnership with Maersk Supply Service is founded on principles of shared risk and benefit. We want to work together with our customers to get the job done safely and efficiently because when you win, we win too. All contracts are cater to mutually agreed objectives and carefully aligned incentives designed to reduce costs, variability, risk and complexity. We apply performance-based pricing to guarantee the project outcome, outstanding service levels and optimal delivery time. And we work to the industry’s highest safety standards, protecting the well-being of all personnel involved.

Let us help you simplify
Choose Maersk Supply Service as your marine project partner. Let us focus on the details of completing a successful project – while you focus 100 percent on core business and commercial opportunities.

For further information, access the "Maersk Supply Service expands services and launches new Integrated Solutions business" press release published 3 November 2016 here.

Bundled decommissioning services for the Janice subsea field

Maersk Supply Service is providing decommissioning services for the ‘Janice’ subsea field in the North Sea for Maersk Oil UK. Our responsibilities in the project include engineering, project planning and managing the scope of the subsea decommissioning.

Approximately 10 vessels are employed in the project, utilising all three of our asset types: Anchor Handler, Platform Supply and Subsea Support Vessels.

This is a prime example of Maersk Supply Service providing bundled services that reduce costs and complexities for the customer.

As lead contractor, Maersk Supply Service has brought in three sub-contractors to execute a carefully planned deconstruction of the Janice subsea facilities from start to finish. The project partners are supporting the engineering, ROV work, and waste management aspects of the project.

The project is expected to be completed in mid-2018.

Virtual simulation is a valuable tool that helps us safeguard our customers' hardware