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Our fleet of 44 offshore vessels features a unique combination of power, versatility and reliability. Vessels can be individually tailored to a broad variety of offshore support tasks according to any requirements. We are committed to analysing and understanding customer needs, so that we can provide the best possible vessels for any situation.

In addition to specialised vessel services, we also offer a full scope of integrated solutions that address your specific challenges and business needs. Find out more about our integrated solutions.

    Please note that the following vessels are no longer a part of the Maersk Supply Service fleet: Maersk Finder (Jun 2016), Maersk Puncher (Aug 2016), Maersk Provider (Aug 2016), Maersk Forwarder (Sep 2016), Maersk Feeder (Oct 2016), Maersk Fighter (Oct 2016), Maersk Beater (Nov 2016), Maersk Chancellor (Nov 2016), Maersk Seeker (Dec 2016), Maersk Supplier (Dec 2016), Maersk Searcher (Dec 2016), Maersk Shipper (Dec 2016), Maersk Battler (Jan 2017), Maersk Server (Feb 2017).
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Platform Supply Vessels

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Technical profile

For years, Maersk Supply Service has been a leader in driving technical development within the offshore marine supply industry, and we have a successful history of developing specialist hardware for offshore support operations, including anchor handling equipment, stern rollers, thrusters and propulsion mechanics.

Fully understanding how we can add value to our customer’s operation is key to us, and our engineers are focused on developing our vessels to support customer ambitions to maximize value from their operation.

Operational safety is a high priority and we take pride in finding solutions that provide safe working conditions for clients and crews. It is our priority to ensure the equipment onboard is constantly monitored and maintained correctly thereby offering operational reliability and high uptime.

It is in our DNA to perform in depth investigations and build on lessons learned in order to optimize vessel operations. We have access to a vast amount of accumulated experience and specialist knowledge within our company, making us capable to solve complex problems, while improving and continuing our operations with the least disruption possible.